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All-American Invitational 2018

Written by AlexNehrbass

September 29, 2017

All-American Invitational 2018

The beginning of a new school year always comes with one guarantee, another season of Model UN Conferences. While big multi-day conferences such as HMUN and NAIMUN dominate the conversation and research, one-day conferences make for a fantastic opportunity to practice and hone a delegate’s skills for the major conferences. This holds especially true for our very own All-American Invitational, a free one-day conference that the All-American team hosts in Cambridge, MA. Our conference borrows the committees from the major conferences throughout the country including YMUN, CMUNCE, BOSMUN, NAIMUN, HMUN, and ILMUNC. The Invitational is a perfect chance to try out your arguments on a smaller scale.

With interesting topics and experienced chairs, the Invitational stands as a well-tailored conference perfect for nurturing a delegate’s MUN skills. The upcoming conference is set to be greater than the previous years with great committees and changes made from the feedback we received in previous years. The experienced staff running the conference are trained and extremely well versed in all the MUN procedures, format, rules, and motions, including the infamous motion to divide the house.

Known for the short opening ceremony, this one-day conference focuses more on the committees and their delegates rather than the fanfare of important speakers. Our dedication is to hosting the greatest experience possible for the delegates keen to improve their skills and practice their arguments in preparation for bigger conferences. We hope to see all of you at this year’s invitational and encourage all delegates to participate.

Some of the features of the All-American Invitational include:

  • Free registration for all delegates;
  • Individual delegates may register, advisers are not required;
  • Position papers are not required;
  • Short, electronic topic brief instead of long background guides
  • Incredible conference rooms with whiteboard paint walls, 21st century AV, and views of downtown Boston;
  • Grant money with honorable, outstanding, and best delegate awards;
  • Qualification for the All-American Model UN travel delegations

The invitational is a free one-day conference that delegates can sign up for themselves without needing an advisor! Delegates may purchase lunch and t-shirts to accentuate their invitational experience! This conference is a fantastic opportunity to practice your skills and receive genuine and helpful feedback from your chairs. This is a can’t miss conference.

If you have any questions, please consult the page for the Invitational at http://allamericanmun.com/invitational/

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