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All-American Model United Nations Virtual Academy

World Leading Model UN Training for Future Leaders

All-American Model United Nations has been transforming high performing high school students into future leaders since 2011. Our record of success speaks for itself. Over 35% of our students matriculate at an Ivy+ university, 98% of our students win awards at Model UN conference with the All-American Model UN team, and 60% of families register for multiple programs with us throughout high school. All-American Model UN is more than just Model United Nations.

The Basics.

Weekly Training Sessions

Students are placed in a cohort of 15 people. Each cohort meets every weekend for 9 months (October-June). The specific day/time will be sent to you after you’re accepted into the program.

Application and Interview

To join the year-round All-American Model UN Delegation, you must be accepted. Students must submit an online application and have an interview with the Director. During the application process, be authentic and let your unique personality shine. Show us why you’d be a good fit for All-American Model UN.

Virtual Conferences

All-American Model United Nations will register teams and attend up to two virtual Model UN conferences each month. Accepted students can attend any or all conferences. Students will train with the All-American Director in preparation.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition for the All-American Model UN program gives us the ability to focus 100% of our energy on giving students an amazing experience. But, we don’t want finances to stop anyone from participating. We are committed to offering as much financial assistance as families need within reason.

High School Students

The All-American Model UN program is designed for students 15-18 years old (grades 10-12). We expect students to have at least one year of Model UN experience before applying for this program. While students from any country can apply, sessions will meet at times to accommodate US residents and we will be teaching US-style Model United Nations.

Academic Project

Throughout the year students must complete an Academic Project on a subject of their choosing. Students may opt to write and research paper, create an interactive educational website, or even start a new nonprofit. The year will conclude with students giving a virtual presentation about their work.

Life-changing Learning

75+ hours of custom content designed to challenge how students think and synthesize information.

Future Opportunities

Join the national or international travel team once travel resumes.

Mentor Sessions

Participate in one-on-one sessions where you dive deep and ask anything about MUN, school, or college.

A Framework for Success

Connect what you’re learning in school to real-world applications.

Collaborative Workshops

Small group sessions led by the All-American Model UN Director where you apply learnings in real-time.

Long-term Relationships

Establish long-lasting relationships with other students, mentors, and alumni.

Conference Coaching

Benefit from the best competitive Model UN coaching in the world.

Ongoing Support

Access all content and ask questions after you complete the program.


Model United Nations is an incredibly powerful learning vehicle that emphasizes research, debate, public speaking, analysis, leadership, and negotiation. Through the activity, I’ve seen my students grow into confident student leaders that go onto impact the world in real ways. Model United Nations has always been the hook. When I look at what our alumni are doing in the world– Oxford scholars, Fullbright scholars, commissioned officers in the US Army and Navy, tech startup founders, Berkeley and Harvard Law School graduates– I can’t help but beam with pride. What makes All-American Model UN so special is that our community continues to give back and stay connected.

Frank Pobutkiewicz | Founder + Director, All-American Model United Nations


Not only has our training produced years of winning Best Delegation awards and 95% individual award rate on All-American travel teams, but we’ve also helped high schools around the US win.

First, our training was exclusive to only students accepted and enrolled in All-American Model United Nations programs. Since 2011, our teams have won delegation awards at every conference that we’ve attended, and our students place a staggering 95% of the time. For three consecutive years, the All-American Model UN team won Best Small Delegation at Georgetown’s North American Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN) conference in Washington, D.C.

We’ve been training high school teams around the country for years. With our research and training techniques, we’ve helped school teams win delegation awards at some of the top conferences in the country, including YMUN, BosMUN, and WAMUNC.

Now, we’re bringing our training online to individual students across the country!

Our philosophy revolves around four pillars:

  • Research and Preparation– All-American Model UN places a premium on research and pre-conference preparation. Students will be taught how to research complex international issues, analyze past actions taken, and develop new, novel approaches for solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.
  • Pattern Recognition- Model UN conferences, whether one day or five days, follow the same pattern or cycle. The training program will divulge the “secret” pattern behind Model UN conferences and teach students how to best develop a strategy to succeed.
  • Emotional Intelligence- Model UN teaches grit, determination, leadership, and team building. To better understand these skills, All-American Model UN believes in teaching emotional intelligence to our students.
  • Confidence- We believe that practice builds confidence. Rather than constantly run mock simulations, we break Model UN down into smaller, more digestible segments. We approach Model UN education like baseball or basketball practice–you don’t constantly scrimmage during every practice, but instead, you work on individual drills to apply to game situations.

Frank and the All-American team are the epitome of professional, high-quality Model United Nations training. With their help, I’ve gone on to have great success at highly competitive conferences, and have strengthened my overall skills as a delegate and a public speaker. I capped off my senior years winning Best Delegate at HMUN and NAIMUN.

Bobby Hobart

The Bay School of San Francisco, Dartmouth College

More than just Model UN, Frank wants all of his students to excel in every aspect of their life. I learned so much about Model UN, but also about international politics, economics, and international law. All-American Model UN has the foundation and starting point for my education and future career ambitions.

Rose Jacobs

Walton Payton College Prep, Columbia University/Science Po

Attend Virtual Model UN Conferences and Win Awards

Participate in up to two virtual Model UN conferences each month. Students will receive All-American Model UN preparation and coaching for each conference that they attend. Experience the best conferences around the country without the need to travel.

Connect the School World with the Real World

Using our success framework, work on a project you truly care about. Research and write an academic paper for publication. Build an educational website for other students. Publish a book. Start a nonprofit.

Explore & Learn

Dive deep into a topic or subject that only gets mentioned in school.

Build Something

Walk away knowing that you created something from nothing.

Year-end Presentations

We want to celebrate our students during the year-end presentations.

Details + How to Apply

1. Submit your application ASAP and schedule an interview.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the program begins.

September 15: Applications Open
October 15: Applications Close
October 20: Scholarship Application Closes

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be given instructions on how to schedule an interview. The interview will take place online using Zoom and will last approximately 20 minutes.

2. Once accepted we’ll send you more details.

The cost of the program is $2850. All learning will take place virtually, and you’ll receive a schedule when you’re accepted into the program. Participants should expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on the program. Scholarships, including full scholarships, are available. You can apply for a scholarship after being accepted.

3. Sessions Begin October 24th.

You’ll receive access to the full schedule, a list of virtual Model UN conferences to enroll for, access to our project success framework, and all exercises and training. Scholarships and payment plans are available.

Learn Even More About the All-American Model UN Program

Program Logistics

Virtual Instruction

All sessions will take place over Zoom and other remote learning technologies. Students will never need to pay for services used during the program.

Small cohorts

Students will work in sections of no more than 15 students to ensure everyone has individual attention. Sessions will be scheduled on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday depending on group availability. If students are unable to attend a weekly session, they will have access to a recording of it and will be given all materials.

Attendance and Work Expectations

Students are expected to attend all scheduled sessions. We understand that occasionally a student may not be able to attend a particular session. In this event, the student is responsible for notifying the Director in advance and for making up any missed work. Students are expected to work 2-4 hours/week on assignments and the year-long project, not including time spent at virtual conferences.

About the Director

Frank Pobutkiewicz is an experiential educator, entrepreneur, and community builder. After graduating from Boston University, he founded All-American Model United Nations in 2011. Since then, Frank has taught over 300 students, lead over forty international student trips, and has been recognized as one of the best Model UN coaches in the world. In addition to Model United Nations, Frank is very active in the innovation community in the Boston area. He’s given two TedX talks on market validation and mentorship, invested in studented-founded companies, and from 2017-2020 was the Operations Manager at a nonprofit called Venture Cafe.

You can always directly reach the Director by emailing [email protected] or calling 617-702-4888.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

The cost of the All-American Model UN Program is $2,450. This fee allows All-American Model United Nations to sustain operations during the COVID-19 crisis. Students who complete the year-long program will receive a $750 travel grant that can be used on any future All-American Model UN travel program in the US or internationally.

Understanding that this is a difficult time for many families, we will be providing as much financial assistance as we can. We do not want qualified students to miss this opportunity due to financial constraints. After you have been accepted into the program, you will be provided instructions on how to apply for financial assistance We will do our best to provide as much assistance as possible while being able to sustain operations.

Important Dates

September 15: Round One Applications Open
October 15: Round One Applications Close
October 20: Scholarship Application Closes

COVID-19 & Moving Forward

Since 2011, All-American Model United Nations has been training and traveling with students to international and national Model United Nations competitions. With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to be dedicated to providing the best educational experience possible, while keeping our students and staff safe. This summer, we operated three Virtual Academies, piloted new technology platforms, and received high praise from our students.

The new All-American Model UN Program is designed to help push students to achieve new heights despite the remote learning conditions. Our sincerest hope is to return to attending conferences around the world once it is proven safe.

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