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7 Packable Items to Re-Energize After a Tough Committee Session

Written by Steven Boehm

June 23, 2019

7 Packable Items to Re-Energize After a Tough Committee Session

Committee sessions can be long, especially when they’re not going too great. It’s easy to get a little burned out. These packable items will make sure that you have enough energy to get you through a conference.



Water bottle

          Hydration is important! Making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day is the key to having enough energy and stamina to last through a conference. Bring a reusable water bottle to your next conference to help you get through the day that is also environmentally friendly.



Gum or breath mints

           Bring some gum or mints along with you to a committee session. After all that talking during committee, it’ll be nice to refresh your mouth and get you ready for more.




           A bottle of perfume or cologne can keep a delegate smelling good all-conference long. Spray some on between committee sessions to make you smell nice and refresh yourself in the process. Often at stores such as Sephora, you can get a sample size of perfume/cologne for free, which is the perfect size to keep in your bag.



Hairbrush/combs/hair ties

           Bringing a comb with you to a conference can help a delegate make sure their hair always looks perfect. Fixing your hair after a committee session can help you recharge and look more professional and confident. And for female delegates, having some hair ties in your purse is essential for when you want to put it up during a long day.




           For female delegates, heels are always the way to look very professional. But after a long day, your feet can start to hurt. Bring a pair of nice flats to change into to give your feet a break while still looking professional.




          Bring a snack with you to re-energize between committee sessions. Try to bring something that’s not too messy to make sure you stay clean and professional. Something with a lot of protein will make sure you stay satisfied and energized all day, such as a granola bar, nuts, or a protein bar.



Portable Charger

          A portable charger is always a good thing to bring with you. At the end of the day, it’s a good thing to be able to recharge your devices while you recharge your brain. With a powered up device, you’ll be able to get in some extra research before the next committee session.

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